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What are your focused intentions? Are they getting you where you want to be?

I've recently started reading the new book "Living with Intent" by Mallika Chopra. Right from the beginning, it has prompted me to think about the deliberate intentions I set for myself each day.

I journal daily, meditate, and the creation of to-do lists, yet I often find that I don't truly establish my intentions for the day. What do I want to achieve today? How do I want to feel? How would I like this day to unfold, and what takeaways do I desire?

After reflecting on these questions and providing answers, I've come to realize that setting intentions for the day empowers me to guide my thoughts in a manner that benefits both me and those around me. It allows me to identify areas for improvement, aligns my aspirations, and outlines the actions I need to take to shape my day.

But how do I make this a daily practice, even on days when the motivation isn't there for me? The truth is, I often find myself stuck in a mindset of self-pity, wondering why things aren't going the way I desire or why I'm not feeling as positive as I'd like.

The simple answer to my questions is that I haven't consistently defined what I truly want and how I want to feel. I aspire to experience strength and elation, to witness success and progress throughout my day, and to end my day with a sense of accomplishment, having overcome challenges and celebrated achievements.

Is it easy? Not yet. But through the practice of setting intentions daily, along with cultivating a mindset of positive thinking, goal-setting, and actionable steps in my life, this process will become more manageable and sustainable.

We need not resign ourselves to the idea that circumstances are unchangeable; they are as they are because of our perception. By altering our thoughts, we can transform outcomes and change our lives. Does this resonate with you?

It takes dedication and practice, but the exciting realization is that we have the ability to control any situation by managing our minds and thoughts.

If you're struggling with setting your intentions, shaping your mindset, or remain uncertain about the power of changing your thoughts, I invite you to connect with me (Jessica) for a consultation. Together, we can set your goals in motion and guide your life in the direction you desire.

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