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Allie Parnell, coaching


Elite Basketball Coach / Trainer /

Co-Owner Let's Talk PMA


A Bit About Me

I'm a basketball coach specializing in kids aged 1st to High School. My sports journey began at a young age, with different sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball, and golf. I continued to college playing basketball and golf. And, despite facing many challenges, injuries and doubters, I persevered. Constructive criticism became my ally, transforming me as a player. My parents provided unwavering support, attending games and offering valuable feedback.

Today, as a coach, I prioritize support, constructive feedback, and equal opportunities for all players. I provide a basketball experience that many don't get to experience, even myself. I believe in nurturing both physical and mental aspects of the game. Mental strength, determination, and growth mindset are key to success in sports. 

Work Experience

Assistant Basketball Coordinator EvoAthlete S&C - April 2023 - present

Co-Owner & Marketing Director Let's Talk PMA
August 2022 to Present

JV Head Coach & Varsity Assistant
Boulder Creek High School - Anthem, AZ
April 2023 to July 2023

  • Designed and implemented tailored training programs for youth athletes aged 7-17, fostering the development of their basketball skills and overall physical conditioning.

  • Cultivated a supportive and positive training environment to enhance athletic performance and personal growth, creating a strong foundation for future sports engagement.

  • Maintained regular and effective communication with parents, providing comprehensive updates on their child's progress and addressing any queries or concerns. •    Leveraged social media platforms to increase brand awareness, promoting current and upcoming programs, and engaging with our online community to strengthen our digital presence.

  • Trained athletes, parents, and coaches to process their thoughts in order to create maximum mental toughness, through workshops, podcasts, and our workbook.

  • Collaborated with the team to ensure all marketing, budgeting, and operations are in order.

  • Developed and implemented successful marketing strategies to increase brand visibility and sales performance.

  • Managed day-to-day business operations.

  • Evaluated suppliers to maintain cost controls and improve operations.

  • Launched successful digital marketing campaigns that achieved goals for increased website traffic.

  • Developed and led off-season workouts, utilizing evidence-based training methodologies to maximize player development and performance.

  • Collaborated closely with the Varsity Head Coach to align workout programs, ensuring a unified training approach across all teams.

  • Leveraged social media platforms to increase awareness, promoting current and upcoming programs, and engaging with our online community to strengthen our digital presence.

  • Trained athletes in the mental aspect of their game, ensuring that each athlete is performing at their highest level through mental training and awareness.

Elite Basketball Coach
Hoopcode - Scottsdale, AZ March 2022 to July 2023

  • Provide effective coaching & instruction to youth athletes with high energy and detail.

  • Must be knowledgeable of the game of basketball be able to communicate (and demonstrate) the game effectively with young players.

  • Manage drills and practices at a high level for all age groups from 1st - 9th Grade.

  • Coaching includes skills training, team practices, games, camps, and other basketball-related events.

  • Energetic physical activity is required from coaches and trainers throughout the shift.

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