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Jessica Parnell, Life Coach


Certified Life Coach /

Co-Owner Let's Talk PMA




A bit about Jessica...

Jessica Parnell is a Life coach, with experience coaching children from first to eighth grade. She has a strong background in sports, particularly basketball, which she played throughout her teenage years, even at the college level. Jessica grew up in a supportive family that attended all her games and provided constructive feedback, especially her father, who played a pivotal role in her improvement.

As Jessica and her husband became parents to children involved in sports, they adopted a supportive approach, attending games, providing encouragement, and offering feedback in a positive, teachable manner. They recognized the importance of maintaining a positive atmosphere at games, avoiding excessive criticism and confrontation. This shift in approach had a positive impact on their children and their coaches.

Now, both of their children have become athletic coaches, and Jessica herself is a life coach. They understand the significance of a supportive environment for athletes, emphasizing the role of the supporting cast in an athlete's success. They encourage learning from mistakes and motivating athletes to improve, fostering a positive and constructive atmosphere both on and off the field.

In her role as a life coach, Jessica emphasizes the profound impact of the mind on our lives. She believes people can shape their worlds and achieve anything with the right tools. Her mission is to help individuals overcome fears, navigate negative emotions, and draw lessons from the past to build a brighter future.

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