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Trust the Journey, It's Not Always Easy But Worth It!

We created Let's Talk PMA as a mother, daughter team. We have both been athletes and coaches. Myself as a mom, took on all the stresses, all the heart aches of my kids, and life struggles as my kids were growing up.

I lost my way when it came to loving myself. I got caught up in living for my family and doing everything I could to help our kids have more opportunities and succeed in the sports they loved.

In that I lived and loved whole heartedly for them, and forgot about me. My body suffered I gave in to my knees hurting and I'm to busy to exercise and it's so much easier and tastes so much better to just eat the crap. Can you relate?

Well, what's my excuse now? My kids are all grown up and thriving on their own, they are both athletic coaches and I support and work with them both as a Mental Toughness coach...

About 6 month ago I started to struggle with my thoughts on this. How mentally strong have I been, how confident have I been in loving myself? I haven't, I have just settled for, I am who I am.

It took Allie moving home for me to say, Yeah, I now have an accountability partner, someone to help motivate me to get to the gym to eat better and love myself the way I deserve to love myself.

We are now on month 3, working out daily, up to walking 3 miles easily and eating better and wanting to do all of this daily. My mental toughness, my confidence, my self talk is changing, is transforming just as fast as my body is transforming if not faster.

I can now say I am practicing what I preach, it's not easy, but as my son says trust the journey. Love each step, love each sore muscle, love each obstacle I'm only getting stronger, I'm only loving myself that much more, and when I love myself I love those around me that much more.

We all have our journeys, we all have set backs, we all forget about loving ourselves first so we can love others more. If you are struggling with getting started because something in your mind is telling you that you can't. I'm here to tell you that you are amazing and YES you can, you just have to start with the first step.

~with all my love,


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