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The "Creating Mental Toughness" workbook is designed for athletes, coaches, and parents who want to develop mental toughness in their respective sports. This workbook provides practical strategies and exercises that can help individuals overcome mental barriers and achieve their athletic goals. The workbook covers a range of topics including visualization, goal-setting, positive self-talk, overcoming adversity, and managing stress. By completing the exercises in this workbook, athletes, coaches, and parents can improve their mental toughness, enhance their performance, and achieve success both on and off the field.

Creating Mental Toughness Workbook

10% of each workbook sold will be donated to wildfire relief in Washington and Maui through September 2023.
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In this workbook, we are giving athletes and parents the tools to help athletes their mental strength. We show athletes that when they are too hard on themselves, the game gets harder, their performance usually gets worse, and their heads fall. When players keep their heads high, not only will they keep performing better, but their teammates will stay motivated with them, bringing an overall better outcome.

We teach you how to see what your thoughts create for you, to set goals and stick with them, and how your overall mental strength can change how you perform for your sport and life. Being in control of your thought’s means being in control of your game. There are hard times and that’s okay. We must have hard times in order to learn and improve. THE KEY IS TO RECOGNIZE WHAT’S HAPPENING AT THAT MOMENT, GET HELP AND MOVE ON.

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